Monday, May 4, 2015

Power Symbol for Reiki

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I want to remind everyone that the blog will not post on May 18th or the 25th. I will be on retreat. June 1st will be the last blog until September as I will be taking the summer off from the blog to do some writing and work on projects. As you all know, lately I feel like I’m repeating information that was written here over the years. I’m hopeful that come September I’ll have a new direction to take with the blog and better information.

Let’s get down to some dates you’ll need for this month.

May 10th is Mother’s Day

May 13th Wednesday the Celtic Tree month of Hawthorn begins.

May 18th is the New Moon so take this night to release all that which isn’t working for you. Mercury goes into retrograde until June 11. Yikes!

May 25th is Memorial Day. Get out there and remember all of our Vets who have proudly given their lives for our freedom or are serving or have served to protect it. Thank you all who have protected our freedom.

That should take care of May until I return.

Let’s talk about the Power Symbol for Reiki today.

Cho Ku Rei is the name of the power symbol and it means put the power here. Usually, taught in Level l or 2 depending on the Master, with this symbol you are physically directing the energy of Reiki to be in an area. The symbol is usually drawn one way starting left to right. However, I have been taught to also draw it right to left and when doing so you are taking out energy from the area or decreasing energy. Now I would like to take a second and say that the symbols are just a way to activate the energy.

Drawing a symbol and chanting the name is like pushing a button on the TV for the TV to turn on. You are using the symbol to activate the energy in the way you wish to use it. There is no correct way to use it so use it as you feel you need to, but always have the intent to use it for your highest good. Reiki energy will never do harm. Any ill affects linked to Reiki is the body’s response to releasing the blocked energy that Reiki has flushed out so to speak.

You can use the power symbol for just about anything. You can draw it over your food or water for a energy “pick me up” and to clear out any negative in the food. I’ve heard of practitioners using it in their skin care system. You can draw it in your home to assist with raising the vibrations of your living space or to clear out unwanted energy in your space. Use it on your plants and pets. There is no limit!

Most of the time, during a session, the power symbol is used to start the channeling process. For me it’s a turn on switch to channel after I’ve said my quick prayer of intent. I’ve found it effective in opening and balancing chakras. The more you work with this, the more you will use it and be comfortable knowing where to use it.

At the expo I had a person ask why I teach Reiki and charge so little. I was taught by two masters. One charged a lot of money and I got very little information or knowledge from, and the other I paid very little for and gained a bunch of knowledge from. The one I gained the most from I also learned that the gift of Reiki is really a birth right we all have. We are all able to connect with it. Therefore why would you pay an ungodly amount of money to learn what you know already in your heart? Now, I am a firm believer that the attunement is something passed from Master to Student and really helps the student’s body to accept the energy he or she will be channeling. I also believe the attunement opens and balances the chakras to clear out blocks within the student making them a clear channel for the energy. Do I believe you can practice Reiki without an attunement…yeah I do, and I know I will get flack for that but I did as a child and never had a name for what I was doing. So there you go.

My book Mystic Monday walks you through how to practice intuitive energy work so if you are interested check it out on Amazon. There is a link to it on my website or here it is...

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